Remove Next/Previous Lesson Links from LearnDash Focus Mode

Updated 2 years ago
by Dave Warfel

When using focus mode, LearnDash displays “previous lesson,” “next lesson,” and “mark complete” links in two places:

  • the focus mode header
  • below the lesson/topic/quiz content

You might only want to use one set of these links and hide the other. I’ll provide a snippets for removing them from the focus mode header, as well as removing them from the bottom of the content area.

Remove From Focus Mode Header

body .learndash-wrapper .ld-focus .ld-focus-header .ld-content-actions {
	display: none;

Remove From Bottom of Content Area

.ld-focus-content .learndash-wrapper .ld-content-actions {
	display: none;

This will also remove the “Back to Course” link that shows up below the “Mark Complete” button.

We strongly advise not using both sets of snippets because this will hide all next/previous & mark complete options, which will make it difficult for a user to navigate through your course.

All CSS code should either be placed in a child theme’s main CSS file (typically style.css), or the Additional CSS area of the WordPress Customizer.

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