Apply CSS to All Lessons/Topics in the Same Course

Updated 3 years ago
by Dave Warfel

There might come a time when you want to apply some CSS to all lessons/topics/quizzes that are within the same course. Maybe you want to change the background color in focus mode, change the font size of all the lesson/topic titles in a course, etc.

Fortunately, LearnDash adds a class to the <body> tag that indicates a lesson/topic/quiz belongs to a specific course. This same class name is used on all lessons, topics & quizzes within that course. We can use this to write blanket CSS that will apply to every piece of content within a particular course.

You can use the following CSS class before any other CSS selector to apply those styles to all lessons/topics/quizzes of a specific course:

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All CSS code should either be placed in a child theme’s main CSS file (typically style.css), or the Additional CSS area of the WordPress Customizer.

How to Add CSS to Your Site

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