New LearnDash Masterclass on Creating & Promoting Your Course

On January 14, LearnDash announced it is offering 2 new masterclasses for all new LearnDash customers. Anyone who buys a LearnDash license from this point forward will receive access to:

All sessions will include live Q&A, and the entire session will be recorded so you can access them at a later time.

Both LearnDash masterclasses will be led by Chris Lema. Chris works for Liquid Web and is the General Manager of LearnDash.

Crafting Your Course

The Crafting Your Course masterclass will cover 4 lessons on the following days, all at 1:30pm US Eastern Time:

  • The Four Gaps – Jan 19
  • Finding the Right Course Topic – Feb 2
  • Building the Course Lesson Plan – Feb 16
  • Scaffolding & Bloom’s Taxonomy – Mar 2

Promoting Your Course

The Promoting Your Course masterclass will cover 4 lessons on the following days, all at 10:30am US Eastern Time:

  • Create On-Ramp Products – Jan 19
  • Go Where the Audience Is – Feb 2
  • Leverage Ambassadors – Feb 16
  • Post Creative Content – Mar 2

Grab a LearnDash license today →

Other Information

LearnDash states that these masterclass sessions are for “…new and experienced course creators who want to get the best return on their online course.”

All combined, the LearnDash masterclasses are being promoted as having a value of $1,500.

Chris Lema also just released two new courses on his own website with similar titles:

  • Building New Products Right
  • Marketing New Products Right

They use the word “products” instead of “courses” so they might be completely different, but the timing suggests there’s probably some overlap. Each of Chris’ courses are listed for $19 apiece. View his courses here →

You can see the official announcement on Twitter here:

What about existing LearnDash users?

A few people have asked if existing LearnDash license holders will have access to these masterclass sessions. It appears the initial answer is no, although I think we will see the recordings offered to existing customers at some point in the not too distant future.

Dave Warfel

Dave Warfel

I've been working with LearnDash for over 3.5 years, and have developed 3 free & 2 premium plugins for WordPress' most popular LMS. Nothing brings me more joy than empowering others to take control of their online platform. I live, work & play in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. 🤸‍♂️👨‍💻🏃‍♂️🏔️

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