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“Mark Incomplete” button

I added the snippet on my wp-config.php however it doesn’t seem to work. I use the BuddyBoss theme, so I’m wondering if the theme’s lesson

Replace Quiz Icons with Checkmarks

Hello, I tried the css (link below), but did not notice any change in the icon after adding this code. Has anyone tried it?

Missing Previous next links

I must be missing something obvious… But the previous next links are missing on my lessons and topics.  Is there a setting I’m missing? Thanks,

Welcome to the LDX Community!

The LDX Community is your space to talk about all things related to LearnDash and your online courses. Whether you need a place for feedback,

Hosting: RunCloud

Does anyone have any experience with Runcloud? I’m using Vultr HF with Cloudways, however, I’m considering moving to Runcloud to cut down costs as I

Question Customization

I’d like to display the actual points of the answer provided for each question instead of having it display as a percentage. I’ve tried using

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